Thursday, August 28, 2008

Residential Fire Sprinklers

There is a lot of talk about residential fire sprinklers these days. Most proponents understand that fire sprinklers save lives, protect your property, and are unmatched by any other conventional fire protection method. Fire alarms simply scream out loud once your home is already on fire, but if you ask me, thats already too late. Fire sprinklers are the guardian angels of fire protection: they never tire, never sleep, never shut-off, and virtually never fail. For elderly people with mobility issues, fire alarms are simply a warning device that says "your home is on fire, sorry about that". Fire sprinklers are less concerned about telling you that your house is on fire, rather, they put out the flames in a matter of seconds, thus saving you and your family's lives, as well as your home. No need for an emergency evacuation plan. No need for fire drills. No need for checking the batteries in your smoke detectors...or having the realization that your home burnt down only because you didnt check the batteries! Fire sprinklers save lives, plain and simple.

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